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All about CryptoPump, your crypto platform for beginners



You must also master the basics to avoid losing money unnecessarily. Trading in cryptocurrencies presents risks, hence the need to dig deeper into the subject. It is for this reason that the site CryptoPump.fr has been created. Overview of this new crypto media for beginners!

What is cryptocurrency?

It is a digital currency that offers the possibility of carrying out various financial transactions online. This is for example the case of buying or selling products. This virtual currency is not attached to any central bank. It works thanks to a blockchain and thus does not rely on any physical entity.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning that it can be managed by its holder himself, without the help of a bank or any other financial institution. It is the cryptotrader who therefore controls his liquidity, without having to report to anyone. It is quite possible to multiply your cryptocurrencies by making investments on specialized sites. However, compliance with certain conditions arises to achieve significant profits.

We do not invest in cryptocurrencies just anyhow. It is first necessary to know which are the most profitable currencies of the market and the upheavals of the latter. The risks involved are obviously the loss of cryptocurrencies.


What is a CryptoPump?

CryptoPump defines itself as a platform that introduces to cryptocurrency and the strategies necessary to increase its liquidity. The site is transparent about the cryptocurrency universe.

This is a way to facilitate the initiation of beginners to the exploitation of this revolutionary currency, but also to better understand this flourishing market. Even crypto professionals are entitled to some handy tricks to increase their earnings on CryptoPump.

Find a cryptocurrency exchange on CryptoPump

As a crypto media, CryptoPump stands as the best ally for beginners in investing in a particular project. As the number of players in this lucrative market has increased dramatically, choosing the right crypto trading platform is essential. In this context, CryptoPump offers a good variety of sites corresponding to those who are new to this medium.

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Use the right tools with CryptoPump

CryptoPump reveals the different tools to use to increase your electronic money. Basically, you will need three separate tools:

  • Storage tools that basically serve to keep and protect your cash inside an electronic wallet. The latter allows crypto transactions to be carried out using the blockchain. Opening an electronic wallet is rigorous: different procedures must be followed for this purpose.
  • Exchange tools that allow you to change cryptocurrency according to your desires. Thanks to these tools, you are free to exchange your currencies, buy them or sell them. There are two kinds of exchange tools, in particular centralized exchangers and decentralized exchangers. The first constitute platforms on which one can exchange, buy or sell assets at the desired prices. As for the latter, they are exchangers that limit currency exchanges to market rates.
  • Analysis tools that promote investment analysis before any approach. The trader must have this tool to carry out his investigation of the market and the appropriate currencies.

Properly manage your cryptocurrencies with CryptoPump

CryptoPump does more than just educate you on what cryptocurrency is. This platform also offers you crypto tutorials allowing you to better understand the workings of the market. From how to protect your cryptoassets to how your wallet works, to reviews on crypto platforms… The content of the site has been designed for beginners.

If you haven’t yet opened an online account or started acquiring cryptocurrencies, go through CryptoPump. Know essential information about the cryptocurrency market before investing. The site also offers you the opportunity to know how to start in crypto, what steps to follow or even which currency to adopt.

Get comprehensive information about CryptoPump

In terms of investments in cryptocurrencies, CryptoPump provides you with practical guides. These inform you about the method of investment, the funds to be invested and the risks to which you are exposed. CryptoPump is a comprehensive crypto media that gives you clarity on how you should invest your money in cryptocurrency.

That’s not all, since CryptoPump also keeps you informed about the various news in the world of cryptocurrency. Plummeting Bitcoin and Ethereum, the valuation of certain cryptocurrencies, documentary on cryptocurrency… Stay connected to the world of cryptocurrency thanks to CryptoPump.

Limit the risks with CryptoPump

Although you are new to crypto, do not take unnecessary risks when investing. CryptoPump teaches you several points to limit the risk of significant losses in cryptocurrencies. The platform reveals to you:

  • The advantages of choosing a crypto platform;
  • The measures to adopt to protect your cryptocurrency from hackers;
  • How cryptocurrency works;
  • transaction fees;
  • The most advantageous cryptocurrencies, etc.

Cryptocurrency is an ever-changing market. It is therefore advisable to closely monitor the evolution of this particularly lucrative market, at the risk of losing assets. If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, learn how to better manage your assets with CryptoPump. This crypto media strengthens your knowledge of cryptocurrency with crypto tutorials, crypto news and a practical guide to getting started in crypto. If you have any questions or want to request expert support, fill out the CryptoPump contact form. You can also ask your questions directly below each article that interests you to obtain more explanations.

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NFT: Snoop Dogg’s new project has the potential to generate more than $125 million



At 50, Snoop Dogg doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The rapper recently acquired Death Row Records, the label originally co-founded by Dr Dre, and has just announced that he will turn it into an NFT label.

Less than a week after buying the brand from MNRK Music Group, Snoop took to Clubhouse and revealed his plans to bring Death Row into the metaverse.

Thus, the rapper said: “Death Row will be an NFT label. We’re going to take our artists through the metaverse and through a whole different channel of music.”

“The Metaverse’s First Major Label,” Claims Snoop Dogg

“Just as we revolutionized the industry by being the first indie label to go major…I want this to be the first major label in the metaverse, and for Death Row to become a NFT.”

Snoop Dogg also launched his latest album BODR (Bacc on Death Row) through the blockchain gaming platform Gala Games. Fans who were able to save $5,000 for the NFT “Stash Box” version of the album were rewarded with three bonus tracks.

These Stash Boxes are limited to 25,000 copies, and as of this writing, nearly 10,000 have been sold. This represents a total of nearly $50 million. If all 25,000 copies sell out, Snoop could rake in $125 million.

Blockchain technology has the power to change the game

Snoop Dogg told Rolling Stone magazine: “Blockchain technology has the power to turn everything upside down again and tip the scales in favor of artists and fans. With this agreement with Gala Music, we will be at the head of the pack.”

According to Gala Music, Stash Box holders can expect to receive “exclusive drops” such as movies, comics, images, and unique concert opportunities.

The platform also specifies that song NFTs will have “earning potential on the Gala Music network”.

“Owners of all 17 songs will receive huge real-life and digital rewards, including an exclusive concert and pre-party with Snoop, limited-edition Death Row props, and more,” Gala said on his website.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the world of NFTs and metaverse. Last December, the musician launched his own interactive world called Snoopverse, in which NFT user paid $450,000 to become his virtual neighbor. Additionally, last April, her A Journey With The Dogg collection launched on Crypto.com.


All information on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action taken by the reader based on information found on our website is entirely at their own risk.


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The advantage of Stade Toulousain’s NFTs! » The economic and political newsletter of PACA



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Dear supporters, on June 5, 2022, Stade Toulousain became the first French rugby club to unveil its own NFTs and entered the world of web3.

The launch of this project was a success, thanks to your support. We thank you once again for your commitment and your trust, as evidenced by the large number of downloads of the two Stade Toulousain NFTs.

It has now been several months since we launched the NFT operation, putting two NFTs online for the 2021-2022 season:

– The NFT Season 21-22, which allows you to become the first owner of the very first Stade Toulousain collection.

– The NFT Genesis 1907, which will give you exclusive benefits.

We are already inviting each owner of the NFT Genesis 1907 to access their first advantage, a unique and personalized scarf! To do this, consult your wallet, where a notification awaits you

A big thank you to the entire ST Family!


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Bitcoin September 12, 2022 – One resistance at a time



The ultimate bear wall – The price of Bitcoin (BTC) resumes at $22,000 as the bulls still face a major hurdle, before they can get to the midway point of the $20,000-$30,000 range.

This Bitcoin price analysis is brought to you in collaboration with the Coin Trading and its algorithmic trading solution finally accessible to individuals.

A red candlestick to absorb for Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price rises to $22,473 on Bitfinex today, September 12, 2022. Cryptocurrency trades at $22,414 at the time of writing this article. Its price is currently registering a daily gain of 3.57%.

Bitcoin is expected to close the day in the green for the sixth straight time today. It broke through the resistance zone around $21,500 during the past weekend.

However, the cryptocurrency is still unable to absorb the big red candlestick of August 19, which had taken the price of the cryptocurrency from $23,000 and above, to levels just under $21,000 in the space of 24 hours. Bitcoin price must return to around $23,200to erase this important loss, recorded during this day.

The analysis of trader Michaël van de Poppe, who would “preferably see it stay above $21.6-21.8K for the moment”, also takes up these key levels for Bitcoin price. Michaël van de Poppe estimates that the next resistance could be around $23,300.

Bitcoin price: resistance around $23,300
Publication by Michaël van de Poppe – Source: Twitter

Bitcoin price: the ultimate resistance before the reconquest of $25,000

Data from Whalemap provides more detail as to the resistance the bulls now face. Based on the levels where the highest concentrations of whales are found, Whalemap pointed the $22,780-$23,400 area as the new key resistance area to watch.

BTC USD: new resistance according to the concentration of whales
Publication of Whalemap – Source: Twitter

Whalemap points out that this resistance zone is “serious”, but it is nevertheless the last “ in the range of $19,000 – $25,000. Should we then expect a relatively easy ascent of the price of Bitcoin to $25,000, if the bulls manage to clear this final hurdle?

The crypto winter is certainly still far from over. Nevertheless, patterns are beginning to emerge as to a possible revival – which will not be easy – $30,000 or more. In the very short term, the markets will have to be interested in potential rejections at levels near $23,000.

Is it possible to be gwinner every time? Whether the Bitcoin price is in great shape, or going through turbulence, Coin Trading offers you to increase your chances of success. Indeed, Coin Trading allows individuals to access a trading tool algorithmic and 100% automated. A real trend mechanism, this tool has been designed to adapt to market reversals and position itself on the most dynamic crypto assets of the moment.


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How to make money with NFT?



The world of digital art has seen an incredible boom, and many people have made a fortune investing in art NFTs. This new asset class has proven very profitable for some investors, but many are still wondering how to enter this booming universe. If you want to know how to make money with NFTs, this guide is for you.

The arrival of Web3 is imminent, and soon we will probably all meet in the metaverse. Of course, NFTs will be an integral part of our new virtual world. This is why it is important to understand how the non-fungible tokensand above all, to be able to determine the most profitable NFTs.

Are you ready to start your adventure in the world of NFTs? Check out our five safe ways to make money with NFTs.


  • State of play of the NFT market
  • How to make money with NFTs
    1. Place your NFTs in staking
    2. Resell your NFTs
    3. Rent your NFTs
    4. Earn royalties with NFTs
    5. Play games nft games to earn cryptocurrencies
  • Anyone can make money with NFTs

State of play of the NFT market

NFT Sales Volume by Quarter (USD Billion): DappRadar

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) are becoming increasingly prominent within the crypto industry, and their popularity has exploded over the past year. Simply put, NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets. Currently, most NFT projects are hosted on the network Ethereum. According to a report by DappRadar, the sector’s transaction volume has already reached more than $23 billion.

Unsurprisingly, 2021 was by far the best year for this new segment of crypto. The most expensive NFT ever sold to date is a work of art by Beeple titled “Everydays: the First 5000 Days”. In March 2021, the work sold at auction for $69 million. In the same year, OpenSea achieved a transaction volume of over $16 billion. Thus, it has become the NFT marketplace most used by investors and artists.

NFTs can match almost anything. But often they represent files like images, videos, audio, and sometimes even physical objects. They are often used to give ownership rights on an object, data or files associated with a token. They can also be bought and sold in specialty markets, which we’ll talk about later in this guide.

The NFT industry has seen a dramatic increase in average transaction size and total value sent. This means that their value increases as they gain new users. The launch of the new collection of Bored Apes Yacht Cluba famous group of NFT, also proves this evolution.

NFTs are traded on specialized marketplaces like OpenSea or rare. NFT creators, collectors and investors list their assets on these marketplaces and retain full ownership until they are purchased by someone else.

How to make money with NFTs

How to make money with NFT?

Since this sector is relatively new, few investors and collectors know the best practices for investing in NFTs, let alone all the potential they offer. NFT marketplaces can be a great source of income if you know what you’re doing.

Here we will share with you five ways to make money from the NFTs you already own :

1- Stake your NFTs

Staking is the main advantage of combining NFTs with decentralized finance (DeFi). As you probably already know, you can generate very interesting income (in the form of returns or interest) by staking your crypto assets. Thankfully, staking is no longer a crypto-only feature.. Indeed, from now on, NFTs can also be placed in staking and offer passive income to their owners. Concretely, staking refers to the locking of digital assets for a certain period of time with the aim of obtaining rewards.

Some platforms offer you the possibility to use several types of NFT. Others require you to purchase their native NFTs in order to receive rewards in the form of staking tokens.

Some of the platforms that allow NFT staking include:

Sometimes, part of the rewards granted to “stakers” can be given in the form of governance tokens. Token holders are therefore granted voting rights that allow them to participate in the development and future evolution of the platform and its ecosystem. Note that it is possible to reinvest the tokens you earn from NFT staking into other yield protocols. Did you think about staking when you started looking how to make money with NFT?

2- Resell your NFTs

Another way to make money with NFTs is the most obvious method: resell them.

The resale of NFT (NFT flipping in English) consists of buying an NFT when the project is brand new on the marketusually during the strike phase (minting Where emission)then resell it at a higher price on a specific marketplace.

The creators of NFTs are not the only ones with the right to sell them. Many crypto investors see NFTs the same way they see the cryptocurrency trading or shares. And many of them have already managed to generate gains by buying and selling NFTs.

Price appreciation and depreciation are also factors to consider. So you can calculate your profit and loss by adding additional costs such as gas costsmarketplace listing fees and royalties paid to the original owner.

However, be prepared to invest time and effort in research. In effect, find the most profitable NFTs to resell them requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the crypto market.

3- Rent your NFTs

Renting your NFTs is a great way to make money and generate passive income. Especially if you already own highly coveted assets.

For instance, some games NFT cards allow players to borrow cards to increase their chances of winning. Smart contracts define the terms of the agreement between the different stakeholders. Users can usually choose the length of the rental contract, as well as the price of renting the NFT.

ReNFT is a leading platform in the NFT rental segment. It allows users to lend or rent NFTs. Lenders can set maximum borrowing periods and daily rates. Currently, they can charge between 0.002 and 2 Wrapped Ethereum tokens (wETH). Additionally, fans of the fantasy football game can use platforms such as FootballCoin to rent their limited edition NFT Footballer Cards to earn more crypto.

4- Earn royalties with NFTs

Did you know that NFT creators can set royalty fees when their NFTs are sold on the secondary market, as a percentage of the selling price? This means that if you are an NFT creator, you can still earn passive income after selling your NFT for the first time.

In effect, this allows creators to still benefit from a portion of the price of future sales of their NFTs. If, for example, the royalty rate for digital artwork is 10%, the original creator will receive 10% each time the artwork is resold. Note that each NFT marketplace allows you to set a custom royalty fee when you first create your NFT.

The whole process of collecting NFT royalties is simple and does not require any specific expertise. Everything is done from the interface of the NFT marketplace you are using. As with most parts of the industry Challenge, smart contracts are responsible for the entire royalty distribution process. As a creator, this means you don’t have to track payments or manually enforce royalty terms.

5- Play nft games to earn cryptocurrencies

make money with NFTs

NFT-based video games could be the future of NFT technology. Admittedly, so far none of the nft games only became world famous. However, the potential for using NFTs in video games is immense.

It is well known that some gamers are willing to spend a lot of money on virtual goods. These markets, whether it’s World of Warcraft gold or Counter-Strike skins, are worth billions of dollars. If major video game companies start selling in-game items as NFTs, the impact would be huge on the gaming and blockchain industries. But knowing itHow to make money with NFTs in blockchain games is a little more complex.

Most of the NFTs we see in the markets today are digital works of art. That said, gaming NFTs are also starting to gain traction. These assets can be used in the games they belong to or in specific platforms. Indeed, most games that use NFTs are play-to-earn games that allow you to earn crypto.

In the years to come, we expect to see many more projects in this sector. That said, we’ve already seen the phenomenal success of games such as Axie Infinity, Plant vs. Undead and CryptoKitties.

Gaming NFTs offer a much better experience than digital trading cards and interactive NFTs like virtual works of art. Indeed, video games use tokens which can be extremely complex and interactive.

By truly owning your in-game assets, you will of these gaming NFTs an investment and not an expense for your leisure. Play the game, use NFTs to generate more crypto, and sell them when you’re bored or want to change them. It’s that simple !

Anyone can make money with NFTs

Now that you know how to make money with nftskeep an eye out for NFTs that can be staked, rented, or used as in-game assets. However, always make sure to look for the most profitable NFTs before youinvest. This should be your priority.

If you are an NFT creator, start planning all the items for your next NFT collection. And don’t forget to set an appropriate royalty fee for your digital work.

Finally, be aware that NFTs are still in their infancy. With the imminent arrival of metaversewe expect to see a lot more options and features on marketplaces and NFT platforms.


All information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action taken by the reader based on the information on our website is strictly at his own risk. In the Learn section, our priority is to provide high quality information. We take the time to identify, research and create educational content that will be useful to our readers. In order to maintain this level of quality and continue to create valuable content, our partners may pay us a commission for placements in our articles. However, these commissions do not affect our processes for creating objective, honest and relevant content.


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Architecture, NFT and metaverse or ordinary cynicism



Ukrainian house
@Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Since April 2022, the Cité internationale de Paris has been selling NFT drawings of a virtual architecture project by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, sold as the Maison de l’Ukraine project. A colonist to follow in the metaverse?

If virtual worlds have existed since the birth of science fiction, and we have been used to visualizing them from an early age, in recent years the rise of the metaverse, a very augmented reality, has been pushing architects and actors of the design of space to question the possible interactions between the reality of architecture and its digital avatar.

Until now, thinking had remained forward-looking for architects-designers. For many, the digital model is not yet a fundamental daily thing, although BIM offers possibilities which, if it could be used to its full power, would be a fantastic maintenance management tool for complex buildings, the living memory of the tripaille to anticipate in time the evolution of the life of the buildings.

The project of La Maison de l’Ukraine, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, on the initiative of the foundation of the Cité universitaire internationale de Paris, and sold since the spring in the form of NFT brings with it a farandole of questions.

In April 2022, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris wanted to welcome and support from the start of the 2022 academic year up to 500 university students affected by the war in Ukraine. For this, the foundation had asked the person skilled in the art to imagine a virtual house ” but highly rooted in reality to unite Ukrainian nationals as the statement explained. This is a first surprise since it would have seemed logical for the project, even in an emergency, to be carried out with the assistance of a Ukrainian architect.

It is from there that the story requires a bit of concentration. Welcoming 500 students in the 43 existing houses and offering them all the logistics they would need was the starting point. Concretely, no construction in sight but a virtual project. However, since its creation at the end of the First World War, the Cité internationale has not lacked references in architectural terms with the works of Prouvé, Le Corbusier, Foujita… in this regard, the heritage belongs to the Universities of Paris, represented by the chancellery.

Let’s move quickly on the choice of the architect selected to participate in such a project. The Cité internationale is a private law foundation, it remains recognized as being of public utility. Since 2017, the national foundation Cité internationale universitaire de Paris has been chaired by Jean-Marc Sauvé, incidentally honorary vice-president of the Council of State. This great machine, of historically humanist inspiration, had no choice but to set its sights on the designer of a Poutinian ode in the heart of Paris* to build wind around a Maison de l’Ukraine that does not exist ? And who will never exist?

The agency imagined a reminiscence of constructivist architecture, whose volumes and use of materials recall the Ukrainian flag. ” This digital work is also a way of highlighting art and culture as a response to the din and destruction of war. “, adds the press kit. Some people suspect that a virtual constructivist pavilion imagined in 2022 is a beautiful quote from Ukrainian culture!

@Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The constructivist pavilion project consists of three drawings, it was probably necessary to go quickly with the facade, a bedroom and a collective space with a piano. The degree of involvement of details leaves speechless. These works were then converted into NFT to be sold in order to finance the arrival of students from September. The starting price is 0.05 ETH (Ethereum is another bitcoin-like virtual currency) or about $86. Code architecture is not that onerous.

Beyond the cynicism and the incredible lack of culture shown here by the contracting authority, how can the State support this initiative? If the coffers are empty, why throw money away by working on virtual projects? Does Cité U no longer have the financial and intellectual means to have architects work on architectures of their time? Yes, for Ukrainian students, time is running out. Since they have to be accommodated in various houses on campus, what is the use of virtual architecture? Wouldn’t the auction of the drawings for the project that took place this summer with Sotheby’s have been enough?

Another question, all in all very simple, is that of the definition of architecture. Should it be designed to claim the title? In absolute terms, can we say that the buyers offered themselves a house, or rather a facade, a bedroom and a room with a piano, signed Jean-Michel Wilmotte, to be implanted in a virtual reality, without any technical constraint? , climatic, contextual or even constructive?

If Geeks like to imagine that the metaverse is the world of tomorrow, humans, of flesh and bone, will always need architects to design even the premises useful for manufacturing and accommodation associated technologies, for this in a certain reality.

And then there is what falls within the scope of the opportunist at a time when the profession is undergoing crisis one after the other: crisis in materials, crisis in recruitment, crisis in remuneration, crisis in recognition… Architecture must increasingly take up challenges, environmental, constructive, social at a time when the planet is suffocating, resources are becoming scarce and billions of people in the world remain without a protective roof. The time of architects who have the possibility could then not be more usefully used by confronting reality rather than becoming mere creators of content without purpose?

@Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The temptation is great to flirt with the metaverse as it sells a city to be designed contrary to our current lifestyles. Without norm, without faith, without law, in all individuality, without time limit, without constructive limit. A world without rules could, on the other hand, offer a playground for rediscovering a taste for experimentation, testing or even the preliminary project model. Looking at the work for sale, nothing is less certain.

The experiment carried out by the Cité internationale de Paris has no consequences for the profession of architect. However, the metaverse is now warning of other dangers that threaten the profession and the relationship that the general public may have with the image of the built environment.

Indeed, it was already necessary to compose with the madness of return of the owners of private work which in the name of a sacrosanct financial balance sheet, take part in the real estate speculation with the complicity of the policies of the city. They had already fully understood the usefulness of virtual reality in a marketing spirit to help future buyers to better visualize the possible layout of the space with enough blinkers to avoid space misfires.

These same promoters already abound in the virtual space by proposing systems of opaque real estate speculation and without legal protection. With NFTs, even placements of “ father stone-paper way also find their equivalent in the void.

Should architects be complicit in a new way of designing that is increasingly lacking in meaning?

Leah Muller

*Read our article Putin project manager, it rocks


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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) – Bitcoin Bull Cathie Wood Says Deflation Is In The Pipeline Ahead Of Today’s US CPI Data



Bitcoin BTC/USD Leans bullish towards today’s critical US CPI data from August as it attempts to print a higher low on the weekly timeframe. Headline inflation is expected to be 8.1% year-on-year, down from 8.5% last month. I think if the CPI is below 8.2%, that would be positive for the markets, because it shows that inflation indicates that inflation has slowed considerably from July to August, especially since inflation fell from 9.1% to 8.5%.

Cathie Wood, CEO of investment management firm Ark Invest, is confident that August inflation will come down convincingly from July due to the following statistics: post-COVID price spikes, wood -60% , copper -35%, oil -35%, iron ore -60%, DRAM -46%, corn -17%, Baltic freight rate -79%, gold -17% and silver -39%.

Cathie said: “Used car prices fell 4% in August (about 50% at an annual rate!), They’ve fallen 10% since the January peak, and if electric vehicles are that disruptive than we think, they could be halved, hitting lows last seen at the GFC in late 2008.”

– Advertising –

I agree with Cathie in the sense that the drop in gas, oil and commodities should translate today into a substantial drop in headline inflation.

However, core inflation, which is the change in the cost of goods and services but does not include those of food and energy, is expected to post a 5.9% year-on-year increase to 6 .1%. If this happens, coinciding with a decline in headline inflation, then the direction of the market will be very difficult to predict because underlying inflation is a key metric that the Federal Reserve pays attention to.

Fidelity plans to offer Bitcoin trading to its 34 million retail customers, further clarifying their belief in Bitcoin’s longevity. This is exactly the kind of confirmation asset managers need to enter the crypto space themselves. After one domino falls, the rest will come.


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Sui, the 300 million blockchain that wants to challenge Ethereum and Solana



Beautiful promises or 3.0 revolution ? Despite the bear markets, the cryptosphere is witnessing a new fundraising important for the benefit of the Sui blockchain, a project that could – in the conditional – significantly increase the adoption of the web3.

Mysten Labs raises $300 million for its Sui blockchain

This new fundraising would testify to the “tremendous potential” of the Sui ecosystem: the company Mysten Labs behind the level 1 blockchain (Layer 1) Sui, has achieved a tour de force by convincing investors to put on the table 300 million dollarsin a Series B funding round led by FTX Ventures.

Blockchain Sui: $300 million fundraising.
Published by Mysten Labs – Source: Twitter

This fundraiser stands out not only by the current context in which it is carried out, but also by the fact that Sui is a project whose deployment is… yet to come.

This fresh capital will also be used to build its basic infrastructureto accelerate the adoption of its ecosystem, with in particular an expansion project in Asia for Mysten Labs.

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Over $2 billion in valuation to outperform Ethereum and Solana

Investors in this round, including Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, Andreessen Horowitz, Circle Ventures, Binance Labs, and O’Leary Ventures, are thus betting on a project that is still in a pre-launch stage, based on the Mysten Labs promises regarding its future product.

The Sui Blockchain uses proof-of-stake and a feature called “transaction parallelization,” with the goal of delivering high throughput, relatively fast, and low-fee transactions.

In other words, Sui takes on classic challenges, basic problems of decentralizationthat major blockchains likeEthereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) unfortunately would not have yet been fully resolved.

The current web3 infrastructure would thus be “slow, expensive, limited in capacity, insecure and simply difficult to build”, argues Evan Cheng, co-founder and CEO of Mysten Labs.

But alongside this ambitious vision, the status and experience of the founders of Mysten Labs may also have played a crucial role in the investors’ final decision. The founders of the company, which is currently valued at over $2 billion, are old meta frames.

This new fundraising calls into question for the umpteenth time the thesis according to which the bear market would have frozen the portfolio of investors vis-à-vis the web3. In the facts, blockchain fundraising even broke records.

Does The Merge make you confused? A crystal clear performance offering is now available. Register now on FTX and enjoy 8% interest on your cryptocurrencies (commercial link, see conditions on the official website).


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5 French projects that are doing well



France is omnipresent when it comes to talking about NFT, metaverse and web 3.0. Sorare, Dogami, Panda Dynasty or The Sandbox are ambitious projects with a global reach.

NFT, metaverse, play-2-earn, crypto-games: for the past few months, these topics have been on everyone’s lips. Every day, new NFT collections are created, but only 10% of creations are truly successful.

In France, startups are among the most dynamic in the ecosystem. The Sorare unicorn or the metaverse project The Sandbox are ambassadors of this movement which is fully in line with the web 3.0 trend. Below, we have grouped together some of the most promising projects that are being carried out by French entrepreneurs.

Sorare, French unicorn on the NFT market

At the border between fantasy and reality, Sorare is a game whose goal is to build the best team by acquiring NFT cards of real football players. Card owners score points based on actual player performance. Sorare cards are officially licensed, with the start-up having already partnered with 215 football clubs. A few days ago, a unique card from striker Erling Haaland even got sold for 613,000 euros.

It recently raised 680 million dollars and many sportsmen like Antoine Griezmann or Serena Williams have invested in the project. the fantasy sportswhich today brings together more than 200 million players worldwide, is estimated at 42 billion euros by 2027… How far will Sorare go?

Discover Sorare

RTFKT, at the forefront of virtual fashion

Founded in 2020, RTFKT made a name for itself by selling NFT limited editions of virtual sneakers. They can be worn virtually through augmented reality filters or in virtual worlds such as The Sandbox or Decentraland.

In 2021, the start-up recorded thunderous growth. Last May, it raised 8 million dollars and it achieved a turnover of 100 million dollars over the year. 80% of its income comes from the Clone X project, 20,000 unique 3D avatars, which found takers in a few hours. And since good news never comes alone, Nike just acquired RTFKT for several hundred million dollars.

Panda Dynasty, future leader of cryptogaming

This is perhaps the project that materialized the fastest. In just three weeks, Gabriel Mamou-Mani assembled a team to create a collection of 8,888 pandas, all of which were sold in 24 hours. More than just collectible virtual cards, the founder has worked to give real usefulness to its collectors.

Since then, the project has developed and offers an interactive experience: a treasure hunt that only holders of a panda from the NFT Panda Dynasty collection can join. An exciting adventure that owes its success to a “tasty mix of skills” but above all to the “ability to listen to a community of players”. What does Panda Dynasty have in store for us next?

Panda Dynasty
The collection is available on Opensea © Opensea / Panda Dynasty

The Sandbox, giant of the metaverse, building the Internet of tomorrow

The Sandbox offers much more than a simple video game: a 3D experience where, thanks to VoxEdit, users can create objects and avatars, animate them, transform them into NFTs and sell them on the platform’s Marketplace. The Sandbox also offers plots of land. The platform made headlines with sales of a $650,000 virtual yacht and a neighboring virtual land of Snoop Dog priced at $500,000.

It is in this context that many groups have bought land to create their own worlds, such as Warner or even Crossroads a few hours ago. In its race for the metaverse, The Sandbox has just announced the creation of a 50 million dollar investment fund. It is targeting 30 to 40 start-ups that will participate in developing its virtual worlds.

Dogami, play-2-earn general public, offers the Petavers

Created in 2021, Dogami is already off to a great start. The young start-up has just raised $6 million from Ubisoft and other investors. The idea of ​​his play-2-earn game is simple: acquire and raise a virtual dog, via its application, in augmented reality. And to earn DOGA$, the virtual currency of Petavers, his universe, the player must train his dog, customize it and participate in challenges. In short, a kind of tamagochi 3.0 that has a good chance of appealing to the general public…


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Bitcoin (BTC) breaks above $22,000, hitting its highest level in nearly a month, ahead of inflation data and the Ethereum meltdown.



Bitcoin broke through the $22,000 mark, continuing a week of recovery ahead of US inflation data and a much-anticipated Ethereum network upgrade.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency hit $22,341.50 as of 9:45 p.m. ET on Sunday before dipping slightly, according to data from CoinDesk. Bitcoin was trading at $22,203 around 4:03 a.m. ET on Monday.

After dropping below $19,000 on Wednesday, its lowest level since June, bitcoin has since rallied around 17%.

The rise follows a week of gains for US equities last week. Bitcoin is closely correlated to stock markets, especially the Nasdaq, and often rises when the tech index is up.

Cryptocurrency investors are eagerly awaiting August’s Consumer Price Index report, due out on Tuesday, to see which direction inflation is headed, which could provide clues about future trends. future policy actions of the US Federal Reserve.

Cryptocurrencies face an unusual twin threat this week: US inflation data and hopefully the long-awaited and oft-delayed Ethereum merger. Hold your breath for a roller coaster ride.

Stocks have been under pressure this year as the Fed raised interest rates in an attempt to control runaway inflation.

Cryptocurrencies, which are also risky assets, have taken a beating. Nearly $2 trillion has been wiped from the entire cryptocurrency market since its all-time high in November. Bitcoin has lost more than 50% of its value this year.

This decline is also due to issues specific to cryptocurrencies, including the collapse of key projects and bankruptcies that have affected the entire industry.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum network will complete a long-awaited upgrade called the Merge. This will shift the Ethereum blockchain from a proof-of-work model to a proof-of-stake model and drastically reduce the amount of energy needed to run the network.

According to its proponents, this could pave the way for wider use of ether, the token that runs on Ethereum.

“Crypto faces an unusual double whammy this week: U.S. inflation data and [espérons-le] the long-awaited and oft-delayed Ethereum merger. Hold your breath for a roller coaster ride,” Nexo co-founder Antoni Trenchev said in a note Monday.

“In an age awash with stories, there is none greater than the cryptocurrency meltdown and it is an event that the whole world should take note of along with the carbon footprint of Ethereum which should be reduced by 99%. »

However, analysts have warned that the merger will not necessarily speed up the notoriously slow Ethereum network, nor will it reduce the fees associated with transactions.

Yet there is growing enthusiasm for the merger. Since ether hit its lowest level of the year in mid-June, the price of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency has significantly exceeded that of bitcoin. Ether is up more than 90% since June. 19, while bitcoin is up just over 20%, raising the question of how well the merger has already been valued.

The Federal Reserve is also expected to raise interest rates again next week at its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, another dark cloud hanging over the cryptocurrency market.

“The Merger may trigger a ‘sell the fact’ situation in the cryptocurrency market and we still need to be cautious for next week’s FOMC meeting. Bitcoin may continue to rally but it could be quite short,” said Yuya Hasegawa, cryptocurrency market analyst at the stock Exchange Japanese Bitbank, in a note on Monday.

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