Harry is ‘terrified’ that Meghan will leave him alone to attend the funeral: royal expert

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It’s sometimes hard to believe that the world was once in love with Prince Harry and Meghan’s love story. I know you remember it, right?

However, in the four years since their spectacular glittering Windsor weddingit seems as if the now-rogue royal couple has gone from controversy to controversy, and everything they do is a drama.

But now she is back in the fold in a very loose way – anyone watching that recent royal walkabout will note that Catherine the Princess of Wales kept a well-heeled distance and never made eye contact – and with one good reason: she is terrified that anything she says will be in Meghan’s next big interview.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived at Buckingham Palace to receive Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin with other royal family members.
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Meghan has often borne the brunt of the most salacious headlines and can’t seem to shake the reputation of royal wrecker. But now, thanks to the dramatic twist of royal turns with the demise of the late queen, Meghan is back and knows it, and is thus loving all the attention that this former actress can muster. She even dressed on the royal walkabout like a throwback to Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee and wife of former King Edward VIII, who was forced to abdicate the throne to marry her. But now Meghan is in pain with Harry and Harry doesn’t want her to leave.

The problem is that they were never supposed to be away from the US for longer than a week, and are clearly missing their children. Harry had hoped to fly them over, or so the reports go, but with the oh so private couple and the way they have hidden the children from public view, they are now considering not doing this. But I hear Meghan thinks, given the response that she has received, that she should go back to the US ahead of the funeral and leave Harry with his family to attend it.

King Charles III stands inside Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the royal family awaits Queen Elizabeth II's casket.

King Charles III stands inside Buckingham Palace with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the royal family awaits Queen Elizabeth II’s casket.
(Jeremy Selwyn)

Thing is, Harry feels vulnerable and alone without her – let’s not forget he has dumped on his close family for the last two years so he figures if she goes back he is all alone. Yet Meghan is of two minds, too. If she leaves she is deemed as showing no respect at all for the monarchy – a no-win situation. But, moving forward, the general sense is that the public here in the UK would be more than happy to have this part time ex-royal duchess depart and make sure the media focus is only on the great lady, the late queen.

But as one good source told me, “Harry is terrified of being left alone with a family that was once so close.” After the years of him and his wife bashing them in public, is it any wonder? Meghan is keen to get back to her podcasts, chat show appearances and resume a life away from the royal family.


Meanwhile the brothers have become estranged but have appeared in public twice together in the past week since the queen’s death. They walked together today in the memorial procession for the queen leaving Buckingham Palace to Westminster. And while many speculate that this is the start of a rebuilding of the brothers’ friendship, according to a close source, while both are nice there is so much to be done and William in particular feels that Meghan trashed his wife in public alongside his dear Father Charles. So it’s him and him alone that doesn’t want to move forward unless a formal apology to Catherine is forthcoming and red-headed Harry doesn’t think that’s the case.

Prince William and Prince Harry walk behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept.  14, 2022, in London.

Prince William and Prince Harry walk behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 14, 2022, in London.
(Karwai Tang/WireImage)

So, while this may all look lovely for the world to see, nothing has really moved on and, with Harry getting ready to dump his tell all book, will William ever forgive?

Finally, attending the ceremony today at Westminster, I noticed that the palace had placed the Duchess of Sussex in the car with the Countess of Wessex Sophiewho is not the greatest admirer of Meghan.


Mike Tindall, the husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, famously called Harry a rather rude word in public the last time they were all together at St Paul’s Cathedral. So, all in all, while many and all are there to honor the queen, it appears the love is not all around for the ex-royals Harry and Meghan.

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