Saskatchewan stabbings – latest: Canada police name all 10 victims killed as manhunt enters fourth day

10 dead and 18 injured in mass stabbings across Saskatchewan, Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police released the names of the 10 people who were killed during the Saskatchewan stabbings on Sunday as the manhunt for Myles Sanderson enters its fourth day.

The individuals who died ranged in age from 23 to 78 and they include: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, and Robert Sanderson of the James Smith Cree Nation and Wesley Petterson of Weldon.

Police said Tuesday they no longer believe the wanted suspect is in the province’s capital of Regina.

“Today we received information that was leading us to believe he may no longer be in this community,” said Regina Police Chief Evan Bray.

One day earlier, Damien Sanderson, 31, the second suspect and brother of Myles, was found dead from wounds that did not appear to be self-inflicted, police said.

His body was recovered in a heavily grassed area of ​​the James Smith Cree Nation near a house that the police were examining.

Both men were named by police in connection with the violence that left 10 people dead and another 18 wounded in a stabbing spree across 13 locations throughout the province of Saskatchewan, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


The youngest victim killed in Saskatchewan stabbings was 23

Thomas Burns, a 23-year-old man from the James Smith Cree Nation, was the youngest person to die in the “abhorrent” stabbing attacks that unfolded on Sunday in northern Saskatchewan.

The RCMP in Saskatchewan released the identities of all the individuals who were killed in the brutal attacks, which included the 23-year-old.

Thomas Burns, a 23-year-old man from James Smith Cree Nation, was the youngest person killed in the 4 September 2022 attack that left 11 people dead, including one of the suspects


Local news reports had said earlier that authorities had confirmed that the youngest victim to die in the attacks had been born in 1999. An 11-year-old boy, whose mother and brother were killed on Sunday, was also stabbed and injured but was released from hospital on Monday with stitches.

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Saskatchewan stabbings suspect made ‘goodbye’ trip to loved ones after deadly attacks, report says

Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson reportedly made a final “goodbye” trip to visit friends and family in Regina after carrying out one of the deadliest mass killings in Canadian history.

The intel that the force had originally received about Myles Sanderson still being in Regina seems to have stemmed from an initial sighting on Sunday that placed him in the front seat of a black Nissan Rogue on Arcola Avenue, a main thoroughfare that cuts through the city’s east end.

That call came in at 11.40am, approximately six hours after the first 911 calls were placed at James Smith Cree Nation, which is more than a three-hour drive away from where he was reportedly seen later on Sunday.

A new report from The Daily Beast could shed more light on that sighting, with unnamed sources close to the manhunt saying they believe the 30-year-old suspect had driven into Regina to make a round of goodbyes to family and friends and “to see [those Regina connections] for the last time”.

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RCMP release full list of names and photos of the deceased victims

Royal Canadian Mounted Police have released the full list of names of the 10 people who were killed during the Saskatchewan stabbings on Sunday.

Nine of the people killed in what is being described as one of the deadliest mass killing events in Canadian history were from the James Smith Cree Nation, while one person was from the Saskatchewan village of Weldon.

The individuals who died from the deadly stabbing attacks range in age from 23 to 78. They include: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, and Robert Sanderson of the First Nation and Wesley Petterson of Weldon, the Canadian Press reported.

The nine people who were killed on James Smith Cree Nation on Sunday are pictured alongside the one person who was killed in the Saskatchewan village of Weldon on September 4, 2022



Vigils for the victims of the Saskatchewan stabbings scheduled throughout the province

The First Nations University of Canada, a post-secondary institution and federated college of the University of Regina based Saskatchewan, announced in a statement on Tuesday they’d be holding a vigil to commemorate the victims and the survivors touched by the massacre that unfolded in northern Saskatchewan this week.

“On Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 7:00 pm, the Regina, Saskatoon, and Northern (PA) campuses will simultaneously host a candlelight and prayer vigil,” a statement from the president, Dr Jacqueline Ottmann, read.

On Friday, the university said that it plans to host a prayer gathering for all faiths at 12pm, which will be happening across post-secondary institutions in the province, including the First Nations University of Canada Regina Campus, University of Regina, Luther College, and Campion College.

“Please continue to be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings and keep your families safe,” the president wrote.


James Smith Cree Nation reaches $100,000 GoFundMe goal, asks not to contribute to other online fundraisers

The James Smith Cree Nation’s GoFundMe campaign reached its $100,000 goal on Tuesday and sent out a statement informing the public that there are no other online fundraising campaigns that have been endorsed by the First Nation.

“The leadership of James Smith Cree Nation is grateful to all the donors who have contributed funds to support its affected members,” the statement, shared on Twitter, read.

“Please help us spread the word that any other crowdfunding campaigns have not been endorsed by James Smith Cree Nation nor JSCN-EOC.”


Investigation into the parole board’s decision to release Myles Sanderson will be done, the safety minister says

Canada’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino confirmed that an investigation will be conducted into a parole board’s February 2022 decision to release Myles Sanderson from minimum security incarceration.

“I am assured that the Parole Board of Canada will be undertaking an investigation of the decision,” Mr Mendicino told reporters in Vancouver, according to CBC. “I think the process for a review begins there, but it certainly does not end at that point.”

In August 2021, Myles Sanderson was transferred to a healing lodge but that release was suspended in November after he reportedly broke his probation by lying to his probation officer.

In February 2022, the board canceled that suspension and ruled that the 30-year-old’s original release should be upheld, noting in the decision, which came just seven months before the deadly stabbing attacks unfolded, that he doesn’t “present an undue risk to society”.

“There will be an appropriate time and a place to review policy and resourcing and we need to embrace that review, we need to be transparent with Canadians to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again,” he said.


White House Press Secretary acknowledges Saskatchewan stabbings in address

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented on the Saskatchewan stabbing spree on Tuesday, calling it “senseless.”

“We stand with Canada, our ally and neighbor and all those affected by this tragedy and condemn this senseless violence,” Ms Jean-Pierre said during a White House briefing.


Saskatchewan public schools in ‘hold and secure’ until further notice

ICYMI: Divisions of public schools in Saskatchewan announced on Tuesday that schools in their network would remain in “hold and secure” until further notice as one of the suspects in the mass stabbing event remains at large.

“As we prepare to welcome students back to the classroom after this Labor Day weekend, we do it with heavy hearts,” the Northwest School Division wrote in a statement on their website.

“With one suspect still at large, we will be hyper vigilant in maintaining the safety of students, teachers and school staff. All schools will be in Hold & Secure until further notice,” the statement read, noting that this will mean that doors into the building will be locked throughout the school day, recess and breaks will be indoors, and guests will not be able to enter the building.

“Again, thank you for your continued partnership with us, as we work to keep our school community safe and aware of this evolving situation,” it closed.


Myles Sanderson reportedly went to Regina after mass stabbing event to make final ‘goodbyes’

When Myles Sanderson was reportedly last seen on Sunday morning in Regina, more than 300km away from where a bloody series of stabbing attacks were carried out at James Smith Cree Nation hours earlier, he was reportedly making a final round of goodbyes to family and friends.

The Daily Beast reported exclusively, citing unnamed sources who were close to the manhunt for the 30-year-old suspect, that Myles drove into the city “to see [those Regina connections] for the last time.”

Some of the sources in the report relayed to The Daily Beast that one of the theories that they currently suspect is that the remaining alive suspect has since died by suicide.

“If Myles Sanderson was alive and being harbored somewhere by someone, we’d know about it by now,” one of the sources quoted in the news story told The Daily Beast.


An 11-year-old boy injured in the attacks watched his mother and older brother die, reports

Brian Burns, a resident of James Smith First Nation, was out of town at a horse racing competition on Sunday when he learned the news that his wife, Gloria Burns, and 28-year-old son, Gregory Burns, had all died at the hands of two men suspected of carrying out one of Canada’s deadliest mass killings.

“Wow not the call to wake up this morning,” he wrote on Facebook the morning of the mass stabbing event. Mr Burns’ other son, 11-year-old Dayson, was also stabbed and injured during the attack. He was released from hospital on Monday with stitches, but the trauma of watching his mother and brother die is a wound his father says will not likely heal.

“it’s hard when my boys cry at night for their mom,” he wrote Tuesday, noting that the family was unable to get back inside the home “to grab anything” because there was “too much blood inside” the house that he and his “wife built together”

“even when the rcmp are done collecting evidence n autopsy are done they are bringing in professional cleaners,” he added, unsure if his remaining sons will ever want to enter the family home where they watched two of their own die.

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