The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Loved During The Moon In Cancer On September 18, 2022

During the Moon in Cancer people feel the need to be loved, and when this happens on September 18, 2022, three zodiac signs feel this intensity the most.

It certainly would make sense for us to suddenly recognize the burning need within ourselves to be loved, during the Moon in Cancer, as this transit represents everything that stands for home, happiness, and family.

While we don’t ever really like that think of ourselves as ‘needy’ we can’t deny that there is something inside us that needs, requires, and seeks out love. This natural desire will rise to the surface during the Moon in Cancer.

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Sometimes when we think we need to be loved, we think of it as a weakness, and we either avoid it and pretend it’s not something that is too important to us, or we overplay our hand and act in a desperate way.

Need brings out nervousness, so don’t be surprised if you feel slightly anxious during this transit as it tends to wake up to things like loneliness and desperation.

The need to be loved will become apparent in certain zodiac signs during this time and if channeled in a positive way, we might be able to get what we need.

If we do not see this ‘need’ as something that makes us feel less than whole, on our own, we will, in turn, be able to attract to us the right people, the right opportunities, and the most loving options


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