Was a Man Charged $70K After Exploiting a DoorDash Glitch?

A man was charged more than $70,000 by DoorDash after the company fixed a payment glitch that he had previously exploited to place free orders.


As of our initial writing, evidence leaned towards the video being fake. Before we establish a more firm fact check rating, we are reaching out to DoorDash with several questions. We are also contacting other users who claimed to order expensive items on July 7, 2022, the night that the company experienced a genuine payment glitch, to find out if those customers were ever eventually charged.

On Sept. 21, 2022, Reddit users upvoted to the front page of the website a thread that claimed a man was charged well over $70,000 after he had repeatedly exploited a DoorDash glitch that allowed him to place orders for free. The thread was titled, “That’s what happens when you exploit a glitch.” However, there’s quite a bit of data that calls this story into question.

Finding the Original Video

The Reddit post showed a video that came from the @imdrip Instagram account, which read, “He spent over $70k when there was a DoorDash glitch and they finally charged him 🀦😭.”

The video appeared to have originally been posted by TikTok user @mustardpregnancy on Sept. 9.

In the video, the man is shown purportedly scrolling his Chase Bank checking account in the Chase mobile banking app, apparently in disbelief at having an account balance of -$73,410.63.

Some commenters on Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok all believed the video to be real. However, the scales tip heavily towards it being fake.

The DoorDash Glitch Really Happened

First though, it’s important to note that DoorDash really did once have to fix a glitch that allowed its users to order items for free. According to LAmag.comthe glitch occurred on the night of July 7, 2022.

In a statement, the company said it had experienced a “‘payment processing issue’ that allowed users to place orders without a payment method for a short period.” The exploit, which appeared to last less than 24 hours, resulted in a flurry of pricey purchases as well as pictures posted to social media to document what certainly must have been a busy night for delivery drivers.

Before the glitch was fixed, DoorDash users claimed to have successfully placed orders bulk purchases of alcohol and food from McDonald’s, wings, contraceptives, television sets, and more. We’re contacting several of these users to find out if they were eventually charged and will update this story if we receive responses.

Here’s Why the TikTok Is Likely Fake

Let’s turn our attention back to the TikTok video in question. First, all of the charges on the phone appeared to show a date of July 15, which closely lined up with the glitch having occurred just eight days earlier.

According to our tests with the Chase app, when the man started to scroll to look at the charges, three components continued to move when they should instead have locked into place at the top of the screen. Those components were the tiny “back” button, which is shaped like a left arrow icon, the words “Chase Checkings (…3020),” and the profile icon. Those three items continued to scroll out of view, which suggested that the man was looking at a long, vertical picture that resembled the app, perhaps with altered dollar figures for nothing more than a social media prank.

On the day after posting the viral video, @mustardpregnancy claimed in a new and apparently related comedy clip that he was unable to pay his electric bill. The video was recorded with the lights off while he used his vape pen as a light source. However, we noticed that the lights were on in subsequent videos, wherever it was that those were recorded.

Other videos created by the same user included the man supposedly showing his mother the bank statementlooking up how much money he could earn by selling his testiclesetc dramatically acting upset on a couch

Also, @mustardpregnancy is a content creator. At least three other videos showed the same person acting like a police officer in comedy sketches, one of which was recorded in the same house seen in another video. A Reddit commenter claimedβ€œWent to school with him, he’s a content creator, it’s not real πŸ˜‚.”

In sum, there’s a lot of evidence that called into question the idea that the man in the video truly was charged more than $70,000 by DoorDash after exploiting the company’s payment glitch.

We’ve reached out to the TikTok user and the company with several questions and will update this story with a more firm fact check rating in due time. For now, this claim has been rated as “Research In Progress.”


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